Ceroker (.1987) is a Colombian illustrator and urban artist who started painting in the streets of Bogota at the age of 14. His school friends say that he never stood out for his grades but for being the kid who spent his time reading a graffiti book during breaks. Since he was a child, he visualized his future based on his passion for taking flight and thus began to cultivate his interest in visuals and popular graphics. Having a defined social thinking and studying graphic design led him to understand graffiti at another level, he became interested in typography and took advantage of everything he could learn to evolve his style until he decided to dedicate himself to his own. Without finishing his degree he worked in a studio as a graphic designer and collaborated on several occasions developing logos and corporate images but was disappointed with the schedules and offices.

Under the dream of Do It Yourself at the University of the Street, Ceroker decided to dedicate himself completely to his career as an urban artist until he became a compulsive worker, friend of beers and cumbia, passionate about design, travel entrepreneur, wide-eyed dreamer, interpreter of emotions and creator of the Street Art collective A Tres Manos Estudio. Today he is one of the most important representatives of Colombian Graffiti where he stands out for his use of color, his characters and the stories he tells in each of his murals.

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